About Our School

Jefferson Middle School is a three-grade middle school (6, 7, 8) on the west side of Olympia. It was first established as a junior high school and later when the district changed its philosophy, Jefferson made the transition to a middle school. The building was remodeled in 1994 to reorganize the classroom and common use space, update and enlarge the library, and improve the building for technology.

Jefferson Middle School has students from diverse backgrounds and different socioeconomic backgrounds. Jefferson’s population also includes a Life Skills/ medically fragile program and LAP services.  The REACH program is offered for gifted students who have met the WASL requirements in reading and writing and maintain a “B” average or better in all their classes.  Jefferson is committed to making continuous improvement in curriculum and instruction, health and fitness and the arts.

“A Healthy Place to Live and Learn” is Jefferson Middle School's Motto

In April 2017, Jefferson was awarded the Washington Achievement Award for the sixth consecutive year.  This recognizes Jefferson's overall excellence and growth in math and English language arts.  For further information, view the video posted in the April 19th issue of The Olympian.