Students who qualify for the REACH program are assigned to one of our classes for the academically talented called REACH (Reading Enrichment and Arts Cohort for High-Achievers).  Goals of the program reflect the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  In the first quarter, students analyze high school-level text and learn the research process.  In the second quarter, students work together to bring what they have learned to life through a theatrical production.  Students learn to write scripts, build sets, direct audio and lighting, as well as act on the stage.  In the last weeks of the semester, they put on a completely student-made production for the school and local community.  The REACH instructor and counselor work together to identify students who qualify based on scores and teacher recommendation.  

REACH combines English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Theater, Speech, Debate, and Technology.  Being a part of this class means having the opportunity to explore history and literature at a much deeper level.  But REACH isn’t just about learning in a traditional classroom environment.  It is about being able to explore the world through hands-on learning experiences.  REACH is a class that is student-driven.  Students are responsible for taking their learning to the next level through research projects, speeches, debates, and theatrical productions.   

Teacher:  Jonathan Moore  :