REACH (Advanced Language Arts and Theatre)

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Jefferson Middle School logoHigh-achieving students bring literature to life


Students who qualify for the REACH program are assigned to one of our classes for the academically talented called REACH (Reading Enrichment and Arts Cohort for High-Achievers).  Goals of the program reflect the use of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  In the first quarter, students analyze high school-level text and learn the research process.  In the second quarter, students work together to bring what they have learned to life through a theatrical production.  Students learn to write scripts, build sets, direct audio and lighting, as well as act on the stage.  In the last weeks of the semester, they put on a completely student-made production for the school and local community.

Students have adapted plays to the stage from stories such as "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow," the Greek Myths, Sherlock Holmes, the mysteries of Agatha Christie, the Arthurian Legends, DraculaFrankenstein, as well as The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  But a whole plethora of stories are waiting to be brought to life by the students of Jefferson Middle School's REACH program.


The Cast of DRACULA


The REACH instructor and counselor work together to identify students who qualify based on scores and teacher recommendation.   REACH combines English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Theater, Speech, Debate, and Technology.  Being a part of this class means having the opportunity to explore history and literature at a much deeper level. But REACH isn’t just about learning in a traditional classroom environment.  It is about being able to explore the world through hands-on learning experiences.  REACH is a class that is student-driven.  Students are responsible for taking their learning to the next level through research projects, speeches, debates, and theatrical productions. 


REACH students perform in several plays

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