REACH Photo Gallery

If you love stories, hearing them, reading them, and telling them, REACH is the class for you.  In the first quarter, you explore different kinds of stories and then create your own. In the second quarter, you bring the stories to life through a live stage production.  The cool thing about the show you put on is that it is 100 percent student-made. Students write the scripts. Students select the music and sound effects. Students direct the show.  Students build the sets and make the props. And students act on the stage. You don’t have to be a performer to enjoy REACH because there are many technical and production roles available.  But if acting is your thing, there is always a place for you in REACH. REACH is not a regular class. It is a class where you can challenge yourself and your classmates through hands-on learning experiences and create something you are truly proud of.  The theme of the stories changes every year, so even if you took REACH this year, it will be totally different next school year.