Students Celebrate 100th Broadcast of KJAG-TV

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Students Celebrate 100th Broadcast of KJAG-TV

The students of Jefferson Middle School's Visual Communications program celebrated their 100th broadcast on KJAG-TV with an episode that featured over 100 students.


The special broadcast marks the 100th episode of "News Time," Jefferson's daily morning news show that provides the most important information of the day to students and also offers up student-created segments that are both entertaining and informative.  


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The 100th episode was produced by the show's team of 7th and 8th grade students who wanted to feature as many students as possible on the broadcast.  To do that, they visited a number of classes over the past few weeks and put together a montage showcasing 100 different students from all around the school.  

The KJAG team also held a raffle and gave away prizes to viewers.

Students watch KJAG-TV every morning in their classes and can submit videos, ideas, and other content to the news team for consideration.