Mrs. Smith

**Lesson times and content are subject to change based on scheduling


Week of December 6-10


Monday:  Home Sweet Home - guided/whole class on KIND, students do their own one answer on

                        either PATIENT or RESPONSIBLE

                               Flashcards due - start of class


Tuesday: Silent reading 12 minutes,  JFK quote practice and vocab 5 fill ins (pages 24-26)


Wednesday:  Lost in the Woods - partner work; other as time 


Thursday:  Library day 


Friday:  Spiral check (spirals due end of class)



Week of December 13-17


Monday:  Why Read assignment


Tuesday: Work on Why Read assignment, get spirals back, progress reports


Wednesday:  Glue in crossword, finish why read assignment


Thursday:  Vocabulary Test 5 (with RACE question) - may finish on Friday if need extra time


Friday:  folders (15 minutes), guided Better Safe than Sorry answer (in spiral), turn in Why Read packets, other as time. 



Week of January 3-7


Monday:  Hand back papers, rework option for RACE quiz question, make vocabulary 6 flashcards


Tuesday:  No school (snow day) 


Wednesday:   Schoology online story (Jingles the Cat)


Thursday:  Power/Number topic sentences

Friday:  Jingles the Cat assignment due/submitted by 9:00 p.m., Occasion/Position topic sentences spiral practice and activity



Week of January 10-14


Monday:  OP sentences more practice, vocabulary 6 practice


Tuesday:  introductions - green/yellows type (basic), practice, spiral work "But Wait, There's More"


Wednesday:  Introduce a new Step Up to Writing color (blue), notes, analyze examples, highlighting, and block out a plan


Thursday:  folders, practice with intros, write one with a partner (in class work)


Friday:  silent reading 12 minutes, online assignment on introductions, spirals due



Week of January 18-21


Monday:  no school


Tuesday:  Blues online assignment, Blooket game for vocabulary 6

Wednesday:  Vocabulary 6 quiz with SBA question


Thursday:  conclusions, Blues online assignment - due 9:00 a.m. today


Friday:  conclusions



Week of January 24-28


Monday - anticipatory set/begin novel