Community REACHes Out to Jefferson Students

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Community REACHes Out to Jefferson Students

The REACH program at Jefferson Middle School may be run by students, but it takes a whole community to bring the school's theatrical productions to life each semester.  This semester's plays are no different.  The program serving highly-capable and high-achieving students at Jefferson is made possible not only by the students directing, writing, and creating the plays, but also by Jefferson Middle School's Woodshop and Material Technology program as well as the community members who reach out and offer their support through volunteering and donations.      




Jefferson Material Technology students helped build Baskerville Mansion and the stately home of Mr. U.N. Owen in this semester's productions of Sherlock Holmes and an adaptation of Agatha Christie's best-selling novel, And Then There Were None.  The drawing room set designed by students in Material Technology and Woodshop is the first of its kind at Jefferson.  Material Technology students also created and built props for use in the show.    



Students surrounded by donated set pieces


This semester, REACH parents also helped to bring the set of And Then There Were None and Sherlock Holmes to life by donating artwork and set pieces to dress up the stage by donating and lending items one might find in a mystery mansion like beautiful paintings, trophies, an old gramophone and even an elaborate rug.  In the past, parents have crafted a grandfather clock for Dracula's castle, an electrical panel for Frankenstein's lab, and a sword for King Arthur to pull from the stone.        


School staff members also played a key role in bringing the shows to life.  Jefferson staff member Ms. Peck designed and sewed the main costumes for Sherlock Holmes.  Mr. Chernoff lent his knowledge of the technical side of theater to wiring the show for sound.  And the shows couldn't possibly run without the parent volunteers who donate their time as well as items for the community reception between shows.      

Mister Moore, the teacher and program coordinator of REACH, says, "I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has helped bring these productions to life.  From our principal, Mr. Cimino, who has invested heavily in this program to the parents who go above and beyond to help on production night.  I have such an amazing group of volunteers at Jefferson Middle School who truly understand the hard work and dedication of the REACH students.  Our shows would not be possible without them or without the support of the parent and community groups who have donated funds to make REACH the amazing program it is."  


 Students on student-built set