JMS Students Take First and Second at State

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JMS Students Take First and Second Place at State Science Fair

Three students from Jefferson Middle School placed in the top categories at the state science fair.


6th grader Shravya Gupta discovered inspiration for her science project in one of her other passions: gymnastics. “I was trying to figure out how our eyes and ears affect our balance,” Shravya said. She dubbed her project “Spinning, Twirling, Wow, my Head is Whirling.” Two of Shravya’s friends, a ballet dancer and a soccer player, helped her test her project using variables such as eyes open/closed and ear plugs. “We tested spinning ourselves in chairs,” Shravya said. She especially enjoyed learning about the human ear. She found she could apply her findings to gymnastics. Instead of closing her eyes when she completes flips in gymnastics, she now purposefully keeps her eyes open to reduce dizziness. She placed first in the junior division and Broadcom MASTERS, which will allow her to compete in the national competition. 

Shravya wins prize

Aarav Verma, a 6th grader at Jefferson, created a project called “Wind to Works,” winning first place in the junior division and also Broadcom MASTERS. Aarav built a windmill from a 2-liter soda bottle, a Gatorade bottle and a metal rod. He crafted the windmill’s rotor from pieces of a robotics kit. He wanted to discover whether including a larger number of rotors would decrease the efficiency of the windmill. He especially enjoyed building the windmill. “It was a lot of fun,” he said. He is thankful to his teacher, Larissa Maughan, for her encouragement in his project. Aarav is also thankful to his family for their support.  “My parents and my little brother helped so much in this,” he said. Aarav’s younger brother, Aaryan, a 3rd grader at Centennial Elementary School, recently took first place for his science experiment “Greasy Chips” in the South Sound Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Aarav Takes First Place

Harshini Saravan, a 7th grader at Jefferson, competed for the first time in the senior division at state. Her science project was inspired by the flu. When her sister had the flu, she heard that it was a bad idea to eat a lot. She learned from her pediatrician that high body temperature affects metabolism — the process of breaking down food particles. Her science project “Speed it Up, Break it Down,” studied enzyme reactions and how they are affected by temperature using a solution from potatoes and hydrogen peroxide. She placed second at the state science fair. Harshini is especially thankful for the encouragement of teacher Katherine Halmos.

If you Shravya, Aarav or Harshini, be sure to ask them about their science projects! Each project is fascinating and reflects the enthusiasm of these young scientists.