Jag Stars Rules & KJAG-TV Contact Info

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Jag Stars Contest Rules and KJAG-TV Contact Info

If you would like to contact KJAG-TV with Pet Photos, Student Spotlight Videos, or to submit contest entries, please email KJAGTV@gmail.com

KJAG-TV is beginning a new daily contest called Jag Stars, where they feature you, the students, living your best life at Jefferson. 


If you spot yourself in the segment, write down the date and keep it some place safe. When you’ve spotted yourself five times in the Jag Stars segment, write down all the dates on a sheet of paper with your name on it and drop it in the envelope outside the KJAG studio door (Lab 43, across from Mrs. Howe). 


After your appearances have been verified, you will get a prize delivered to your first period class!


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