JMS 2022 Conference Week Info

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JMS 2022 Conference Week Info

October 24-28, 2022

Student dismissal each day at 12:15 PM (half day schedule).

Lunch will be provided as “Grab & Go.”  The Book Fair will be held in the Small Gym.


  • 10/24 - Monday 12:45 PM to 4:00 PM  Pre-arranged Zoom or Phone Appointment
  • 10/25 - Tuesday 12:45 PM to 4:00 PM Arena Style in Main Gym
  • 10/26 - Wednesday 12:45 PM to 4:00 PM Arena Style in Main Gym
  • 10/27 - Thursday 12:45-4:00 PM & 5:00-7:00 PM Arena Style in Main Gym

If you are unable to attend in person conference times, you can contact individual teachers to set up a time for a Zoom or Phone Call Appointment for Monday October 24.   


Tips for Arena Style Middle School Conferences 

Arena Style Parent conferences at JMS allow families the opportunity to talk face to face with their student’s teachers and to have specific conversations about his or her progress. We do encourage the students to attend; their input is vital!

Where do I enter the school?  Parents and their students should enter the building through the front main entrance or the cafeteria doors. 

Where do I go?   Our teachers will be set up at individual tables in the Main Gym. 

How does Middle School conferencing work?  When you arrive at the Gym, we will give you a copy of your student’s schedule with teacher names. You may visit teachers in any order. All teachers have a name sign above them to make it easy for you to locate them. 

How long can I talk to a teacher?  Conferences take place first come, first served. Please limit the conference to approximately 5-8 minutes. Plan ahead with what you want to ask, and who you want to speak with.

What happens during conferences with teachers?  This is an opportunity for you to hear how your student is doing as well as to ask questions. For example, ask about homework, grades, tests, content, strengths, areas of concern, how can we help at home, missing work or anything else you want to know. 

Class Schedule Order:

Monday 10/24 periods (1,2,3)

Tuesday 10/25 periods (6,5,4)

Wednesday 10/26 periods (1,2,3)

Thursday 10/27 periods (6,5,4)

Friday 10/28 periods (1,2,3,4,5,6)

Class Times:

Periods 1 and 6  run from    9:10 - 10:09

Periods 2 and 5  run from  10:13 - 11:12

Periods 3 and 4  run from  11:16 - 12:15

Friday Class Times:

Period 1 from     9:10-9:36

Period 2 from    9:40-10:06

Period 3 from   10:10-10:36

Period 4 from   10:40-11:06

Period 5 from   11:10-11:36

Period 6 from   11:40-12:15