Winter Weather and Safety

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Winter Weather and Safety

School Closures and Delayed Starts:  Severe weather conditions and snow may cause late starts and closures for schools. If these conditions should create any change in the daily schedule, students and families will be notified online and through our phone messaging system as soon as these developments occur. It is also possible to keep track of closures though local radio and television stations.


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Winter Safety:  


It is staying dark longer in the morning and getting dark earlier in the afternoon, so students, parents, and staff need to be mindful of walking or driving through campus. While walking, make sure cars have seen you as well as that you have seen them before crossing the street.  If you are dropping a student off or driving into work, please look for kids both in the walkways and coming from pathways off the street. Along with fewer hours of daylight, the temperatures are dropping, creating ice or black ice and snow. This can cause tires or feet to slip. To avoid any slips, trips, or falls, exercise caution.  Make sure you have the proper footwear as much as you are able, such as boots or other non-slip shoes.  When exiting a vehicle, pay attention to where you plant your feet.  Stay in designated walk areas and use handrails when they are available