Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies


November 27- December 1

Monday- 5 Themes PowerPoint due today; Check out history textbooks; Chapter 3 Preview; Keyboarding

Tuesday- Go over Chapter 3 Preview; Chapter 3 Reading Notes

Wednesday- Chapter 3 Reading Notes (due Thursday)

Thursday- Chapter 4 Preview and Reading Notes

Friday- Continue Reading Notes and Ch 4 Activity  (Reading Notes due Tuesday at start of period)

December 4-8

Monday- introduce narrative; narrative notes (due in class)

Tuesday- narrative outline-- first yellow together as a class; keyboarding

Wednesday- Outline work time ( outline Due Thursday)

Thursday- Light Pinks ; Finish outline packets (due Friday)

Friday- Hand-Write rough draft (due Tuesday)

December 11-15

Monday- Library for Internet Safety Lesson
Tuesday- Begin typing rough draft; keyboarding
Wednesday- Type rough draft (typed draft due Thursday)
Thursday- Finish and submit typed rough draft
Friday- S.S. Review Kahoot for those done with rough draft; work time for those who need to finish

December 18- January 1--Winter Break

January 2-5

Tuesday- Complete Editing Checklist( final draft due January 3 at end of day); Keyboarding

Wednesday- Finish any remaining corrections and submit Sumer Narrative; Keyboarding
Thursday- Folder check sheet (folders due Wednesday); Chapter 5 Preview; Introduce Chapter 5 Assignment (due Wednesday)
Chapter 5 activity and reading notes (due Wednesday)

January 8-12

Monday- Finish Chapter 5 activity
Tuesday- Chapter 5 Concluding Question (to be completed in class); keyboarding
Wednesday-Folders due; Begin Judaism Lesson-- (fill-in notes completed in class)
Thursday-Chapter 11 Judaism Assignment (due Thursday)
Friday- Library Lesson with Mrs. Ratliff

January 15-19

Monday- No School
Tuesday- Judaism video; keyboarding
Wednesday-Geography of India preview; Introduce Geography of India Assignment (due Monday)
- Finish geography assignment; take online survey; finish ch 11 assignment if not done
Friday- Chapter 14 Preview and instructions for the activity

January 22-26

Monday- Chapter 14 computer activity and reading notes (reading notes due Thursday)

Tuesday- 6th Grade Math MAP Testing
Wednesday- Introduce Mohenjodaro Magazine Assignment
(due Tuesday)

Thursday- Lab to work on Magazine assignment; Text features assignment if finished with everything
Friday- Continue work on Magazine/Text Features assignments; REACH play for some classes

January 29- February 2

Monday- Hinduism Preview and begin Reading Notes
Tuesday- Submit Magazine; Finish text features; keyboarding
Wednesday- Hinduism Reading Notes
Thursday- Finish Hinduism Notes; Complete Ch 15 Processing  (Due Monday)
Friday- TBA --1/2 Day: Periods 1,2,3

February 5-9

Monday- Folder check sheet (folders due Thursday); Introduce Hinduism Mandala assignment; work time
Tuesday- Mandala work time; keyboarding
Wednesday- Hinduism video; Mandala work time
Thursday- Introduce Homeless Bird Vocabulary
Friday- Turn in Mandalas; Read Homeless Bird chapter 1

February 12-16

Monday- Read Chapter 2 of Homeless Bird; Complete Homeless Bird Questions- Set 1 (due Wednesday)
Tuesday- Continue work on Set 1 Questions; read Chapter 3
Wednesday- Read Homeless Bird
Thursday- Question set 2 (due Wednesday)