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Kristi Smith
6th Grade Humanities: Language Arts

**As always, plans are subject to change based on events at school and progress of students. 

Week of January 3rd:

Monday:  no school

Tuesday:  wrap up work from before break, crossword

Wednesday:  Chris Evert Questions

Thursday:  Chris Evert Questions rework, vocabulary antonyms

Friday:  Begin novel, do anticipatory guide, Journal #1 questions

Week of January 10th:

Monday:  Read novel chapters 6-8, journal #2

Tuesday:  SPIRAL DUE --- I'll be grading:   crossword, antonyms/alphabetical vocabulary, journals 1 and 2, anticipatory guide
                          Library day to discuss Battle of the Books

Wednesday: Read FTM chapter 9, vocabulary practice, silent reading

Thursday:  Read chapters 10-12, journal #3

Friday:  Groups of students -- some work on SBA style responses in Mrs. Smith's room, others have alternative assignment

Week of January 16th:

Monday:  no school

Tuesday:  Read chapters 12-14 FTM, do questions for journal 4 (after 2 and 3 are complete)

Wednesday:  vocabulary practice game, time on journals/spiral

Thursday:  vocabulary quiz FTM list #1, new list and flashcards, SBA question (on quiz), pink/white flashcards due

Friday:  Spirals due, read FTM chapters 15-18

Week of January 22nd:

Monday:  Read FTM chapters 19-21 or 22 

Tuesday:  FTM journal 5, work time on few other spiral items, MAP testing 8-11

Wednesday:  Finish FTM book, journal 5 work

Thursday:  Journal #6, finish all work in spiral

Friday:  Silent reading,  crossword review of connotation, finish all spiral work 

Week of January 29th:

Monday:  Review game

Tuesday:  Multiple Choice and Vocabulary portion of the FTM test

Wednesday:  SBA portion of the Freak the Mighty Test

Thursday:  finish SBA portion of the FTM test

Friday:  begin new spiral today or Monday

Week of February 5th:

Monday: Inference and Drawing conclusions - notes and assignment

Tuesday:  finish yesterday's assignment

Wednesday:  begin new spiral - new list and flashcards

Thursday:  writing - the blues - introductions 

Friday:  library day 

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