Chapter 14

FOR CHAPTER 14 KAMI: See Schoology for instructions and turn in 


Using a single PowerPoint slide (go to Microsoft Teams for the template: Microsoft 365),  you will create a cover for an issue of Dig It! Magazine that highlights the archaeological discoveries made at Mohenjodaro.  Your magazine cover must include:

  • The title: Dig It! 
  • An imaginative subtitle (you make it up)
  • Pictures of at least four of the artifacts. (see below)
  • Brief captions that explain what each artifact reveals about daily life in Mohenjodaro


Pictures of the artifacts may be copied and pasted on your cover. 

You will submit your final product on Microsoft Teams.

example of cover
ruins of Mohenjodaro
braceletweights and scale
bathstatuenecklacesealssewer systemhomesgamestoys