Mrs. Smith

**Lesson times and content are subject to change based on scheduling


Week of September 8-10


Wednesday:  First day of school, get to know you activities


Thursday: Library day - learn where the library is, various items available to you, and check out a book


Friday:  Preassessment (to be done during class time) 




Week of September 13-17


Monday:  short video, number spirals, glue in papers, begin vocabulary flashcards


Tuesday:  Expectations, finish flashcards --- homework now due FRIDAY; CORE/Vocab 


Wednesday:  Top Ten Cards - introduce/start 


Thursday: Top Ten Card work day; bring book to read tomorrow


Friday:  FLASHCARDS DUE (start of class/when the bell rings); inference preassessment 



Week of September 20-24


Monday:  quality work lesson/rubric 


Tuesday:  1st period = mini-assembly

                  Other class periods = silent reading, Table of Contents, Crossword


Wednesday:  Hand out rubric/go over what and how Mrs. Smith will grade spiral

                           What Makes a Sentence and Scrambled Sentences


Thursday:  work time in class, study vocab


Friday: spirals due (start of class) today; Vocabulary test #1



Week of September 27-October 1


Monday:  Glue in several pages:  how grades work, spiral rubric reflection, and today's assignment

                  Today's assignment is Combining Sentences (blue) and Expanding Sentences (orange)


Tuesday:  Library time if you need to get, turn in, or renew a book.  You NEED one for Thursday.

                      Work on items already in the spiral and flashcards.

                       DUE DATE:  I will grade these items (in spiral) on Wednesday:

                                  *Crossword, Fragments, Run Ons, Combining Sentences,

                                        Expanding Sentences

Wednesday:  Turn in spiral for grading of the items above

                           Glue words assignment 

                             Other as time


Thursday:  SBA testing.  1-3 periods = math   4-6 periods = reading


Friday:  Finish up various types of sentences.  I will hand back your spirals today.  Last three items (vocabulary fill in, connector words and non noun starters) are due on Wednesday.  It is homework at this point, but kids may have a few minutes to work on these on Monday...but no guarantee. 



Week of October 4-8


Monday:  Last sentence assignment -- ING beginnings


Tuesday:  Spiral Work TIme


Wednesday: Spriral due, crossword (due no sooner than 10/15), silent reading


Thursday:  Jackie Chan Story and Questions (on Schoology) ... due 10/12/21


Friday:  no school 



Week of October 11-15



Monday:  Begin A to Z Story


Tuesday:  A to Z Story, Jackie Chan questions due (submit on Schoology)


Wednesday:  A to Z work time -- rough draft due at start of class/before class today


Thursday:  A to Z revisions/final draft - due today by 9:00 p.m., begin Step Up to Writing


Friday: Vocabulary Two Quiz, get list #3 Vocabulary and flashcards  



Week of October 18-22:


Monday:  Time management (SEL), Step Up to Writing first outlines to deconstruct, organization game


Tuesday:  Step Up to Writing practice in spirals


Wednesday:  introduce pinks, pink organization game (seasons), practice in spiral , vocabulary flashcards due today (list 3)


Thursday:  Birthday paragraphs - one with reds only and one with pinks also, brainstorm yellows


Friday:  Spirals due, Step Up to Writing Practice 



Week of October 25-29


Monday:  Book Fair (library), paragraph and outline


Tuesday/Wednesday:  MAP testing (math and reading)


Thursday/Friday:  Individualized reading skills - inference and drawing conclusions - everyone works at their own level



Week of November 1-5


Monday:  Layered vs. Listy outlines, outline on a topic, vocabulary review


Tuesday:  Practice on outlines, rubric for spiral, spiral work time 


Wednesday:  Light pinks - introduce and pairs practice/graded in class


Thursday: Reading individual folders, short story read/answer questions


Friday:  Vocabulary 3 quiz w/a little on Step Up to Writing




Week of November 8-12


Monday:  Pairs outline done in class and turned in


Tuesday: Outline for essay 


Wednesday:  Finish outline for essay, start flashcards list 4 (due Tuesday 11/16)


Thursday:  No school 


Friday:  Rough drafts - traits of a good student...continue work on Monday as needed




Week of November 15-19


Monday:  Finish rough draft,  library check out as time, vocab assignment


Tuesday:   Flashcards due (list 4) start of class,  silent reading 15 minutes, folders 12 minutes, Kahoot


Wednesday:   finish up various assignments, do a revision of essay paragraph - due FRIDAY


Thursday: ?


Friday:  Crossword now due Monday, vocabulary test #4, begin list #5



Week of November 22-23


Monday/Tuesday:  Why Read Powerpoint Questions (I will collect on Tuesday at the end of class...finish up next week as needed) 



Week of November  29 - December 3


Monday:  Skyward Grade Check, folders, other work


Tuesday:  HOMEWORK - have parents sign page 12 in spiral, make up work/vocab tests/word games if done with all


Wednesday:  Reading Response (RACE) notes and practice - MAJOR concept

                               Check for signed page 12

                                       Flashcard work time


Thurday:  RACE questions and practice in spiral

                      Flashcards due at start of class


Friday:  SBA/R.A.C.E - practice in spiral (graded much of it in real time)


Week of December 6-10


Monday:  Home Sweet Home - guided/whole class on KIND, students do their own one answer on

                        either PATIENT or RESPONSIBLE

                               Flashcards due - start of class


Tuesday:  TBA (depends on how much was completed on Monday)

Wednesday:  Lost in the Woods - example and work in spiral, last day to finish most late work (see

                                 spiral page 12 for list of options)


Thursday:  Practice restating, practice explaining quotes


Friday:  Spiral check (spirals due end of class), crossword