Mrs. Smith



Week of February 1-5




1.  Kahoot
2.  Open Quill together
3.  Some breakouts room(s) on late work FIRST, then Quill (if you have late work)


             **Quill -- start today, finish on Wednesday -- due by 11:59 Wednesday (2/3)




1.  Google Form

2.  Finish Quill Capitalization (if didn't finish yesterday)

3.  Begin Quill new section - due on Tuesday by 11:59 p.m.

4. Stay in Zoom.  When you are done/think you are done with both, I will check

      and dismiss you. 



Week of February 8-12




1. Video on figurative language 

2. Slides assignment

3.  I will look/comment as you work. We will work on this both days of Zoom class 

           this week.  Due date = Wednesday, February 17th by 11:59 p.m.





1. Work day for Figurative Language assignment




Week of February 15-19


   Monday/Tuesday - no school


    Wednesday - be sure to finish the Figurative Language and Literary Terms assignment if it isn't already complete and submitted



      Thursday/Friday ---

         1.  Due yesterday - Figurative Language and Literary Terms assignment...still turn in if you have not


        2.  Skyward:  Check it soon. If you do not have 100 percent on Quill, it is likely because you did not complete the 13 items (2 points each).


        3.  Kahoot - academic/advisory review game


         4.  Open assignment for Vocabulary 4. Also, open the vocabulary 4 list. 


          5.  Begin together.  Due date - Monday




Week of February 22-26



        Monday/Tuesday:          1. Nearpod

                                                   2. Step Up to Writing Power/Number Topic Sentences

                                                                (due Wednesday 11:59 p.m.)



         Thursday/Friday:     1.  Go over late work.

                                             2.  Open the assignment - do Skyward together.

                                             3.  Continue to RACE question OR work on late work.

                                             4.  Progress reports sent home tomorrow. 



Week of March 1-5


             1.  Don't forget to turn in last week's short assignment by 11:59 on Wednesday.

            2.  Nearpod review and new type of topic sentence (occasion/position)

            3.  Notes, assignment.  Due Wednesday by 11:59 pm.



             1. Mrs. Ratliff here to talk to us

             2.  Hybrid - quick information

             3. Video

             4.  Read story/highlight

             5.  Begin questions (RACE) and others - together

             6.  Finish assignment. Due date = Monday by 11:59 p.m. (March 8th)



Week of March 8-12


                     1.  Watch Lochness Video

                     2.  Open RACE quiz (article about recess)

                     3.  Take/finish the quiz - due today

                     4.  Done with quiz?  Work on the Lochness assignment - due Wednesday by 11:59 pm

                     5.  Lochness Video (as time and if you wish to watch it - more science-based) 




                 1.  Read Works - set up accounts and complete five simple questions

                 2.  Wait until people are finished.  Waiting - work on make up work if any.

                 3.  Nearpod - introductory paragraphs 


Week of March 15-19


                   1.  Kahoot

                   2.  Assignment - Introduction and Vocabulary 5


               Wednesday and Hybrid In-Person

                    1.  Read Works - I will assign on Wednesday to the distance learners 

                                                - I will assign to the hybrid learners on the day you are scheduled to be in

                                                         class (English)

                                    ReadWorks story = due Monday by 8:00 a.m. 



                         1.   Notes (The Blues and Introductions Assignment)

                         2.  Nearpod





Week of March 22-26



                  1.  Finish The Blues and Introductions Assignment

                      (If you didn't do on Th/F, were absent, need to go back...)


                  2.  Large group review, together review.


                  3.  Independent work time - Mrs. Smith will answer questions, comment

                        in "real time" on assignments


                  4.  When done, submit.  QUILL - sign in and begin assignment - due by

                            Friday at 11:59 pm 

                                                               *Hybrid kids - work on it in afternoons

                                                               *Distance only kids - work on it Wednesday





                    1.  Show the turn in item for Quill.

                    2.  Mrs. Ratliff here to talk about book checkout/assignment

                    3.  As time remains, other work. 

                             **Don't forget QUILL is due by 11:59 on Friday night. 



Week of March 29-April 2:



  1.  Be sure you are done with Quill and The Blues Assignment

  2.  Conclusions - begin notes, Nearpod, assignment

  3.  Due date? Friday, April 2nd by 11:59 p.m. 



  1.  Talk about Section H/email 

  2.  Finish Conclusions

  3.  Analogies Kahoot as time



Week of April 12-16



                     1.  Watch two videos - inferences and drawing conclusions

                     2. Assignment - begin together. Due Friday (April 16) by 11:59 p.m. 



                       1.  MAP Test Reminders (for Wednesday):

                                 *The questions WILL get harder -- "too hard" because NO ONE can score 100%

                                 *Take your time.  You have all day and more time if you need it. 

                                 *Helps determine placement in reading skills (extra help) classes and REACH


                       2.  Work time on Inferences/Drawing Conclusions Assignment (due Friday)

                       3.  If you were done with 23-35 yesterday by 6:00 p.m., we pregraded those...

                                   - This means - you have a second chance to get the question right

                                   - Between 23-35...any highlighted in blue are incorrect




   Week of April 19-23



                 1.  Kahoot game - inferences and vocab six preview

                 2.  Vocabulary assignment (vocab 6)

                 3.  You will, mostly likely, have this completed before class is over. Done?  Let me know.

                 4.  I'll have you submit (after I look at Vocab 6 assignment).

                 5.  If done with 1-4, please work on any late work.  If no late work:

                           *may play Free Rice

                            *may play iCivics

                            *may silently read

                            *Quizlet vocabulary games



                 1. Prereading assignment

                 2.  Read story aloud

                 3. Assignment over story - homework for any parts unfinished

                 4. Ready to submit?  Let me know and I will check. 

                 5.  Read silently (in person kids) when done.




    Week of April 25-30



                    1.  Skyward Assignment Reflection

                    2.  Watch video

                    3.  Begin slides assignment (due Friday)

                    4.  Fix inferences and conclusions as needed, enrichment...




                  1.  Class starter activity - Quill

                           *Link in black folder, go to the assignment that says APRIL 27th 

                           *If you have missing work, you will work on that first. 


                  2.  After 25-30 minutes, read story together and short video 

                  3.  Answer questions

                  4.  Work time - finish questions on two stories. 

                  5.  Done...see choices of what to do next in the assignment. 



    Week of May 3-7



                   1.  Starter - you need your password I sent last week (or Sunday)

                   2.  25 minutes work time on starter

                   3.  Open Nearpod.  Do together.  Watch quick story video first.

                   4. Mythology in today's world and Prometheus and Pandora's Box. 




                  1.  15-20 minutes work time of late work OR Greek Influence Chart

                      *Prometheus and Pandora, Perseus and Medusa, Greek PP Day One, Hades and Persephone


                  2.  Myths around the world video and monsters

                          *Myths often for explaining natural world, creation, moral lessons


                  3.     Read myths/answer questions - due Monday by 11:59 p.m. 



Week of May 10-14


                      1.  Kahoot game

                      2.  Moby Max - points for time AND percentage of correct answers

                      3.  Summaries - notes and assignment - assignment due Wednesday by 11:59 p.m.

                                *Also - don't forget Myths Around the World assignment due Wednesday 11:59.