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Lesson Plans/Due Dates/Activities

**All items are tentative based on, among other things, student need and school scheduling. 

Week of September 4th:

Wednesday:  Get to know you activities, quick form

Thursday:  Preassessment

Friday:  Library day - check out a book

Week of September 9th:

Monday: set up spiral, expectations, write on calendar, "planning your day" assignment (in spiral)

Tuesday:  Finish procedures if needed, silent reading – discuss expectations, finish quiz if needed (while other kids read), glue in vocabulary – begin flashcards

Wednesday:  Glue in Top Ten Cards, begin, give out passes

Thursday:  Top Ten Cards and fluency 

Friday:  Flashcards due (for the first time), go over grading rubric, silent reading 10 minutes, how grade work

Week of September 16th:

Monday:  Quality Rubric/Product - lesson and questions - very possibly 
                                            HOMEWORK tonight

Tuesday: scrambled sentences and sentence review

Wednesday:  run ons and fragments,  extended due date - spirals due today

Thursday: review for vocabulary test, silent reading

Friday:  Vocabulary test #1, TURN IN FLASHCARDS for a grade, get new vocabulary list (#2) and flashcards 

Week of September 23rd 

Monday:  Get vocabulary tests and spirals graded/returned, go over spiral checklist/reflect on effort, grade, etc., library checkout, vocabulary work

Tuesday:  sentence structure assignments

Wednesday:  sentence structure assignments

Thursday:  MAP testing (math periods 1,2,3), 4th = TBA   6th = assembly

Friday:  A to Z story begins, leave rough draft with Mrs. Smith to look at over the weekend, flashcards due

Week of September 30th:

Monday:  A to Z work day

Tuesday:  A to Z rough draft due - start of the class period

Wednesday:  Make up work day and review vocabulary

Thursday:  Finish A to Z story and submit - if not done it is due Tuesday

Friday:  Vocabulary test #2, flashcards due

Week of October 6th:

Monday:   Why Read PowerPoint Questions

Tuesday:  Work day for Why Read

Wednesday:  Finish Why Read, other as time, get new vocab list and flashcards

Thursday:  spirals due, inference screening activity, glue in a few pages if time

Week of October 13th:

Monday:  regular day - Step Up to Writing activity/game

Tuesday:  Periods 1, 2, 3, work on Friday's assignment
 (New Due Date = Thursday 8 am)

Wednesday:  Periods 6, 5, 4, same as Tuesday's lesson

Thursday:  SUTW activity, silent reading 15 minutes

Friday:  Periods 6, 5, 4   SUTW activity – same as above

Week of October 28th:

Monday:  Layered vs. Listy notes/practice; sentence strips with partner;
                       glue in rubric

Tuesday:  Light pinks (SUTW), glue strips on posters

Wednesday:  practice light pinks, review games online/spiral ready
    …be sure to know outline to do on the quiz, silent reading 15 minutes

Thursday:  Vocabulary #3 test, flashcards (list 3) due, spiral due

Friday:  spiral due --- bring a NEW spiral on Monday; 
                    begin essay outline today



Week of November 4th:

Monday:  Outline work day, get new flashcards and start new spiral

Tuesday:  Outlines due start of class – begin rough draft - instruct

Wednesday:  Finish handwritten rough drafts (yellow paper) and begin typing

Thursday:  typing day --- homework if not typed – when done --- print – RD due tonight be 9:00 pm

Friday:   fill out SOS chart based on my highlights – if not done with rough draft --- go with Amy?

Week of November 12th:

Tuesday:  yellow revision page – 8th graders in to help

Wednesday:  finish revisions and Moby Max

Thursday:  Silent reading 12 minutes, analogies notes, Kahoot

Friday:  Library Day – choose a Mystery Book/short assignment

Week of November 18th:

Monday:  20 minutes reading (mystery book), plot triangle definition and notes

Tuesday:  plot triangle notes and practice

Wednesday:  20 minutes silent reading (mystery book), mini-mysteries (OR MobyMax if not done)

Thursday:  conflict, antagonist, protagonist, maybe characterization, analogies as time

Friday:  vocabulary 4 test?

Week of November 25th:

Monday:  video

Tuesday:  plot triangle, mini mysteries as time