Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies

September 4-6

Wednesday- Get to know you activities

Thursday- JMS Handbook

Friday- Safety Procedures; Practice Evacuation 

September 9-13

Monday- Set up S.S. folder; classroom expectations (due Wednesday)

Tuesday- S.S. Pre-Assessment (completed in class)
Wednesday- ASB Elections
Thursday-  Begin Technology Tasks Part 1 
Friday- Keyboarding introduction and practice time with Mrs. Ratliff
September 16-20
Monday- Chromebook check out and tech lesson in library
Tuesday- Finish Pre-Assessment, if needed; Continue Part 1 of Tech Tasks
(email to Mrs. Howe due Tomorrow by end of day--see instructions on page 7 of S.S. folder for details); Log on to Microsoft 365 Account;  
Wednesday- Keyboarding; Introduce Tech Tasks Part 2; Log on to Microsoft 365
Thursday- Keyboarding; Work on Tech Tasks Part 2 (Part 2: Typed Letter should be finished by Monday at the start of the period)

Friday- Introduce Microsoft editing tools; Begin Tech Tasks Part 3, if ready (Part 2: Typed Letter Due Monday; Part 3: Final edited letter due next Friday. See page 8 of folder for details.)
September 23-27
Finish Tech Tasks Part 3: Editing Using Microsoft (Final edited Tech Letter due Friday, September 23 by end of day)
Tuesday-Keyboarding; sync Microsoft and Schoology; share letter on Microsoft; continue editing letter

Wednesday- Tech Tasks Part 4: Turn the Tech Letter in Multiple Ways (Edited Tech Letter due Friday, September 27 by end of day.  We will practice turning in digital assignments on Microsoft Teams, Schoology, and Microsoft 365 Sharing.)
Thursday- Math MAP testing; Cookie Dough Assembly
Friday-Keyboarding; Make sure you have turned in the Tech Tasks Letter in all three ways (This should be done today-- if you need instructions for submitting, go to Tech Links on the menu on the left);
Geography Preview (due Monday)
September 30- October 4
Monday- Keyboarding; Discuss Preview Assignment from Friday; 
Go over Quality Continents and Oceans Map (due Friday); Begin map, if time
Tuesday-Work time for Quality Continents and Oceans Map
Wednesday-  Quality Continents and Oceans Map work time
Thursday-  Work time for Quality Continents and Oceans Map; keyboarding
Friday-keyboarding; Finish Continents and Oceans Map or catch up on other work; Map due at end of the period
October 7-11
Parts of a Map PowerPoint and Notes (completed in class);  Keyboarding
Tuesday-Types of Maps; Instructions for Physical Map of Asia

Wednesday-  Folder Check Sheet (folders due Tuesday); Physical Map work time (map due next Wednesday); keyboarding

Thursday- Finish up work from English or S.S.; If done, play geography game 
Friday- No School--Teacher In-Service Day
October 14-18
Monday- Physical Map work time; 

Tuesday- Physical Map work time; Political Map; Progress Reports
Wednesday-FOLDERS DUE; Fill out conference goal sheet; Keyboarding
Thursday-Thematic Maps Packet (due Tuesday)

Friday- Continue Thematic Map Packet 

 September 5-7
 September 5-7