Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies  

Second Semester


Week of February 5

Monday-Hinduism Processing Activity: Accrosstic

Tuesday- Introduce Mandala; Folder Check Sheet

Wednesday-Mandala Plan; Mandala work time

Thursday-Mandala work time

Friday- Mandala work time; Folder due; Introduce Homeless Bird Vocabulary

Week of February 12

Monday- Continue HB Vocabulary; Read Homeless Bird Chapter 1

Tuesday- Read Homeless Bird Chapters 2 and 3; Introduce R.A.C.E. Responses and practice rating responses

Wednesday- Review answers from yesterday's activity; Read Homeless Bird Chapter 4 and 1/2 of 5

Thursday- Read Homeless Bird

Friday- Homeless Bird Question Sets 1-3

Week of February 19

Monday- No School

Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- Continue Homeless Bird Question Sets 1-3

Thursday- Read Homeless Bird Finish Question Sets or Crossword

Friday- Read Homeless Bird; Go over Question Sets 1-3 Multiple Choice Questions

Week of February 26

Monday- Read Homeless Bird; Begin Sets 4 and 5 Questions

Tuesday- Organize folder; folder check sheet; Work time for Homeless Bird Question Sets

Wednesday- Continued worktime for all question sets; Enrichment options in Schoology if done

Thursday- Go over Multiple Choice for question sets 4 and 5; Continued worktime for remaining question sets; Enrichment options in Schoology if done

Friday-Homeless Bird Review Blooket

Week of March 4

Monday- Gupta Empire Assignment

Tuesday- Folders Due; Gupta Empire Assignment 1st 1/2; Buddhism Nearpod 2nd 1/2

Wednesday- Buddhism

Thursday- Begin China Geography Activity

Friday- Finish China Geography Activity; Shang Dynasty Preview

Week of March 11

Monday- Begin Shang Dynasty Activity

Tuesday-Finish Shang Activity

Wednesday-  Shang Processing Assignment; Progress Reports

Thursday- Chinese Philosophies Preview; Section 2 reading notes about Warring States Period


Week of March 18


Tuesday-Legalism; Chinese Philosophies Processing

Wednesday- First Emperor Preview; Folder Check Sheet; Organization and work time

Thursday-  First Emperor Activity

Friday-First Emperor Activity

Week of March 25

Monday- Finish First Emperor Activity; Introduce First Emperor Processing Poster (due Friday)

Tuesday-  Continue First Emperor Poster

Wednesday-Turn in folders for folder check; Introduce Silk Road Questions and Board Game

Thursday- Silk Road game board activity

Friday- China Review Video; work time

Week of April 8

Monday-Finish Silk Road questions and game board

Tuesday- Introduce Chinese Contributions Activity

Wednesday- Play Silk Road Board Games

Thursday-Continue Chinese Contributions Activity

Friday- Contributions Flipgrid assignment

Week of April 15

Monday-Set up folder for Greece; Greek Geography Preview

Tuesday- Greek Geography Reading Notes

Wednesday- Finish Greek Geography; Greek Government Preview

Thursday and Friday-Greek Government Song activity and Reading Notes

Week of April 22

Monday-Greek Government Processing; Athens and Sparta Preview and Videos

Tuesday- Athens and Sparta Charts

Wednesday-Athens and Sparta Compare and Contrast

Thursday-Golden Age of Athens Preview and Introduce Station Activity

Friday-Athens Station Activity

Week of April 29

Monday-Continue Athens Station Activity and Reading Notes

Tuesday- Text Structures Nearpod

Wednesday-Finish Text Structures Nearpod; 

Thursday- Finish Athens Reading Notes; Begin Persian Wars Reading Notes

Friday-Text Structures Assignment

Week of May 6

Monday- Finish and Go over Text Structures; Folder Check Sheet (folders due Friday)

Tuesday- MAP Testing AM; Alexander the Great Videos

Wednesday- Greek Contributions

Thursday-  MAP Testing AM; Finish Alexander the Great Videos

Friday- Continue Greek Contributions; Folders Due

Week of May 13

Monday- Greece Video and time to finish up unfinished items from last week

Tuesday- Choosing Resources Practice 

Wednesday-Go over Resource Practice assignment

Thursday-  Primary and Secondary Resources

Friday- Continue Primary and Secondary Resources; The Founding of Rome Nearpod

Week of May 20

Monday- Finish Founding of Rome

Tuesday-Roman Republic Nearpod

Wednesday-Review Essay Types

Thursday- Daily Life in Rome Nearpod

Friday- Finish Daily Life

Week of May 27

Monday- No School

Tuesday- SBA Kahoot Review

Wednesday- ELA CAT SBA;  Roman Life Videos

Thursday- ELA PT SBA; Roman Contribution Videos

Friday- Roman Contributions Packet

Week of June 3

Monday-Introduce CBA; Rome Notes

Tuesday- Math SBA; Finish Rome Notes

Wednesday-Mesopotamia Notes 

Thursday-  Finish Notes; Venn Diagram

Friday- For students at field trip yesterday; Finish Notes; Venn Diagram  (start slides if notes are done)

Week of June 10

Monday-Introduce Slides for CBA; CBA Work Time

Tuesday- CBA  Work time

Wednesday- CBA Work time

Thursday- Christianity

Friday- Christianity
















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 September 5-7