Counselor's Corner

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Beth Green, School Counselor

[email protected]

Mrs. Green


Hello! My name is Ms. Green and I am your school counselor at Jefferson Middle School. I am passionate about empowering young leaders, growing in self-awareness, and developing skills that will support lifelong learning. I am married and have three kids. (I actually met my husband at the bus stop when we were in middle school!) My favorite places in the world are Hawaii, Disneyland, and watching soccer games. I also love drinking coffee with my friends, working out, and spending time with my pup, Ava.

You can come by my office for many reasons:

  • Issues at home or school
  • Feeling sad, angry or stressed
  • Or stop by just to say hi!


You will find my office in the main office area. If I am not available, you can leave a note and I will follow up with you.

I cannot wait to get to know you all! Go Jags!


Please use this form to connect with me: Contact Form


February Updates 


This month we are focusing on determination. Determination means overcoming obstacles in order to reach goals. Determination is like climbing a mountain. You have to know what you 

want to achieve, then put one foot in front of the other until you reach the top. It takes courage to show determination. Some other words (synonyms) for determination are: Resolution, Resolve, Will Power, and Grit. Students will discuss why determination is important and how they can show determination.

Here are some questions you can talk about with your student throughout the month:

  • What do you think determination means and why is it important?
  • Tell me about a time when it was hard to get through a challenge. How did you feel after?
  • What are some things that are hard for you to push through, and how can I help you?
  • What are 3 goals you have? What may be some challenges to meeting these goals? What will happen if you don’t give up?
  • What makes it hard to be honest?
  • How will others view you if you are honest? How will others view you if you are dishonest?


You can always get in touch with me by emailing me ([email protected]). Remind your students that they can email me or fill out one of my blue forms if they would like to meet with me. 


Jag Care


Academic Supports:

"Healthy Youth Survey"

The surveys are used to learn about health behaviors of young people to help us better meet student’s needs. If a student is bothered or upset by the survey, we encourage them to talk to a trusted adult for help. In addition, students can contact one of the resources in the link below for support.


Healthy Youth Survey Resources – English
Healthy Youth Survey Resources – Spanish


Please contact Ms. Green if you need the resources in an additional language.


Community Resources


Olympia School District Resources for Youth and Families

Thurston County Community Services List

Washington Connection LogoWashington Connection offers a fast and easy way for families and individuals to apply for a variety of services such as Food, Cash, Child Care, Long-Term Care, and Medicare Savings Programs.



  • OSD Meal Distribution: Click HERE

  • Olympia Area Resources: Groceries, meals, bills, income, internet, mental health, crisis resources, etc... Click HERE

  • Unemployment Services: Click HERE

  • WA Mental Health Referral Service for Children and Teens: click HERE

  • The Crisis Clinic of Thurston & Mason Counties: Click HERE

  • 5 Tips to Face Your Anxiety: Click HERE

  • Tips to Help Teens: Mental Health First Aid: Click HERE

  • Mental and Emotional Well-Being: Click HERE

  • The Greater Good Magazine: Science-based insights for a meaningful life. Click HERE

  • Teen Counseling & Support Resources: Click HERE


Weekend Food Bags

All Kids Win, a local non-profit 501c3 corporation, provides food bags for students of families in need to take home for the weekend. Please view the form for more information!