School Performance Report

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About Our School

Patrick Murphy, Superintendent

Michael Cimino, Principal

Jefferson Middle School

Ivy Bronemann, Assistant Principal

Jefferson Middle School is a three-grade middle school (6, 7, 8) on the west side of Olympia. It was first established as a junior high school and later, when the District changed its philosophy, Jefferson made the transition to a middle school. The building underwent a complete remodel in 1994 to reorganize the classroom and common use space, update and enlarge the library and improve the building for technology.  The science wing was restructured to house the JAMS (Jefferson Accelerated Math and Science) Program in 2012.  All science classroom were redesigned and enlarged providing a rich interactive spaces for scientific work.  The REACH class is a humanities based program that is offered for gifted students who have met the Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA) requirements in reading and writing and maintain a “B” average or better in all their classes. A new addition to Jefferson Middle School in September 2017 was Visual Communication.  In this class, students learn video production and produce a daily news broadcast.

One of the keys to success at Jefferson Middle School is the overall high expectation of academic excellence for all students.  This is a school-wide attitude that is supported by a strong focus on organization and commitment to learning which is driven by the strong work ethics at every level of the school.  Students are taught to view school as a training grounds for their future workplace experiences.  They are expected to give their focus for the school day on learning without distractions.  

Jefferson Middle School has students from diverse backgrounds and different socioeconomic backgrounds. Our population also includes a Life Skills program, and LAP services. Jefferson is committed to making continuous improvement in curriculum and instruction, health and fitness and the arts. 


2018-19 School Facts

Based on the October 2018 enrollment report, there were 466 students enrolled at Jefferson Middle School.



 Student Demographics         

 Hispanic/Latino of any race(s)   
15.7%       Male students
 American Indian/Alaskan Native
0.4%    Female students
 Asian 12.2%   

 Black/African American

 Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander
 White 54.3%
 Free & Reduced Price Meals
 Two or More Races
11.8%    Special Education

Teacher Information

  • Number of classroom teachers: 29
  • Average years of teacher experience: 13.9
  • Teachers with at least a Master's Degree: 17



2018-19 District Operating Budget 




 Building Administration
 $8,283,536  6.23%
 Maintenance & Operations    $8,576,098  6.45%
 District Support
 $5,410,991  4.07%
 $4,520,169  3.40%
 Utilities & Insurance  $4,317,384  3.25%
 Food Service
 $3,289,648  2.47%
 Other  $64,053  0.05%
 Total Expenditures  $132,955,254  100.00%




 $23,067,573  17.42%
 Federal    $5,346,583  4.04%
 Other Sources                          
 $985,618  0.74%
 Total Revenue  $132,394,180  100%

Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program

Washington students participate in state tests annually in the spring, to assess their progress as well as the progress of our educational system as a whole.

Our state uses the Smarter Balanced assessment system, aligned to Washington's K-12 Learning Standards. The scores below represent the percent of students meeting standard in three core subjects, ELA, Math, and for grades 5, 8 and 11, Science (Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science or WCAS).

 2017-18 6th Grade SBA​​


 2018-19 6th Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 74.0  75.5  55.9    78.8  71.6  56.9
 67.8  65.6  48.2
   64.0  58.4  46.8

 2017-18 7th Grade SBA


 2018-19 7th Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 90.6  77.2  59.6
   84.7  80.9  60.6
 73.3  70.2  49.0
   75.2  73.8  48.7

 2017-18 8th Grade SBA


 2018-19 8th Grade SBA

 Our School  
 Our District 
 WA State 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 WA State 
 78.2  78.5  58.9  88.3  75.4  58.0
 Math  70.6  70.6  47.5  77.2  69.1  45.8
 86.4  80.1  52.9  85.8  76.8  51.6

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP)

MAP is a district assessment that measures a student's developing skills through a series of questions that adapt to the child’s level of learning. Research on MAP indicates the results are highly accurate. The results help teachers measure growth and determine whether a student may need more support or more challenge. These scores represent Spring assessment.

 2017-18 Reading


 2018-19 Reading

 Our School  
 Our District 
 National Norm 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 National Norm 
 Grade 6
 226  225  216
   226  224  216
 Grade 7
 232  228  218
   231  228  218
 Grade 8
 234  233  220    236  232  220

 2017-18 Math


 2018-19 Math

 Our School  
 Our District 
 National Norm 
   Our School 
 Our District 
 National Norm 
 Grade 6
 234  231  216    233  229  225
 Grade 7
 243  238  218    243  238  229
 Grade 8
 251  248  220    248  244  220


Jefferson Middle School Mission Statement

"A Healthy Place to Live and Learn" is the motto for Jefferson Middle School.

Olympia School District Vision

We envision a supportive environment that promotes trust, growth and achievement of the highest standards. We build our capacity for success through leading-edge programs and operations based on continuous improvement. We have 100 percent commitment to quality and excellence in all things.


National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is a survey of grade student achievement in core subject areas. NAEP measures what students across the country know and can do in 10 subject areas, including mathematics, reading, writing, and science. Current state level results may be viewed here.

To learn more about NAEP, visit this page.


For More Information

If you would like more details about student achievement and demographics, visit the OSPI website and select reports by district or school.

If you would like other information about Jefferson Middle School, please call (360) 596-3200.