Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies


This is a general overview of the plans for Social Studies.  See Schoology for detailed assignments and videos.


Second Semester Plans


Week of February 8

Monday/Tuesday-Geography of India Nearpod: Day 1

Wednesday-Materials pick-up (nothing from me, unless you don't already have a textbook) and photos- No Advisory

Thursday/Friday-Geography of India Nearpod: Day 2

Week of February 15

Monday/Tuesday-No School

Wednesday-Keyboarding or finish any late work (Ch 11, 12, or 13 only)

Thursday/Friday-Ch 14 Mohenjodaro Nearpod: Day 1

Week of February 22

Monday/Tuesday- Ch 14 Mohenjodaro Nearpod: Day 2 and Ch. 15 Preview

Wednesday-Keyboarding or finish any late work (Ch 11-15 only)

Thursday/Friday-Hinduism Nearpod: Day 1

Week of March 1

Monday/Tuesday-Hinduism Neapod Day 2; Buddhism

Wednesday-Keyboarding or finish any late work

Thursday/Friday- Achievements of the Gupta Empire

Week of March 8

Monday/Tuesday-Geography of China

Wednesday-Keyboarding or finish any late/current assignments

Thursday/Friday- Shang Dynasty Day 1

Week of March 15-- Hybrid Begins-- Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday refer to the topic of morning online instruction (all students). Wednesday/In-Person refers to the enrichment topic that will be covered in-person for the hybrid group or on Wednesday for the remote group.

Monday/Tuesday- Shang Dynasty Day 2

Wednesday/In-Person- Enrichment: Kahoot Review Games

Thursday/Friday- Chinese Philosophies Day 1

Week of March 22

Monday/Tuesday-Chinese Philosophies Day 2

Wednesday/In-Person-Enrichment: Confucius Comic

Thursday/Friday-First Emperor Day 1

Week of March 29

Monday/Tuesday-First Emperor Day 2

Wednesday/In-Person- Enrichment: Emperor Poster

Thursday/Friday-First Emperor Day 3


Week of April 5--Spring Break


Week of April 12

Monday/Tuesday- Chinese Contributions

Wednesday/In-Person- Enrichment: Silk Road Nearpod

Thursday/Friday- Finish Chinese Contributions; Contributions FlipGrid

Week of April 19

Monday/Thursday-Types of Essays Nearpod; Greece Geography Mini Nearpod

Tuesday/Friday- Democracy Day 1

Week of April 26

Monday/Thursday-Democracy Day 2; Begin Athens and Sparta

Tuesday/Friday-Finish Athens and Sparta; Begin Greek Contributions, if time

Week of May 3

Monday/Tuesday-Keyboarding Check-in and Test with Mrs. Ratliff; Greek Contributions

Thursday/Friday- Finish Greek Contributions

Week of May 10

Monday/Tuesday-Rome Geography Nearpod; Roman Republic Nearpod

Thursday/Friday- Introduce CBA: Rome from Republic to Empire













 September 5-7
 September 5-7