Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies


2nd Quarter

Week of November 15

Monday-5 Themes of Geography Intro Nearpod

Tuesday-Finish 5 Themes Intro; Submit Country Choices; Begin Location slides using atlas

Wednesday-5 Themes Research Library Lesson; 5 Themes work time

Thursday and Friday- 5 Themes Work Time 

Week of November 22

Monday-5 Themes of GeographyWork Time

Tuesday-Take OSD Survey; Finish 5 Themes or Extra Credit

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday- No School  

Week of November 29

Monday- Introduce Textbook; Chapter 3 Preview; Chapter 3 Reading Notes

Tuesday-Continue Chapter 3 Reading Notes

Wednesday-Chapter 4 Preview; Keyboarding

Thursday- Chapter 4 Reading Notes and Mesopotamian Village Activity

Friday-Continue Chapter 4 Reading Notes and Activity; Keyboarding

Week of December 6

Monday- Continue Chapter 4 Reading Notes and Activity

Tuesday-introduce narrative; narrative notes (due in class)

Wednesday- narrative outline-- first yellow together as a class; keyboarding

Thursday- Outline work time (basic outline -no light pinks- Due Friday)

Friday- Introduce Light Pinks; Finish outline packets including light pinks (remainder of outline packet -with light pinks-due Tuesday); Keyboarding






 September 5-7
 September 5-7