Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies


3rd Quarter


February 3-7

Monday- Set up folder for new quarter; Hinduism Preview and begin Reading Notes
Tuesday- Continue Hinduism Reading Notes 

Wednesday- Finish Hinduism Reading Notes; Chapter 15 Processing 
Thursday-Hinduism Crossword (due Monday); Introduce Mandala assignment (due next Thursday) Mandala plan (due Monday)

Friday- Finish crossword and Mandala plan (both due Monday)
February 10-14

Monday- Mandala work time; begin Homeless Bird vocabulary if extra time

Tuesday-Mandala work time for Mandala;  Hinduism videos while working

Wednesday- Continue or begin Homeless Bird Vocab Assignment (due Friday); Introduce Homeless Bird

Thursday- Text Features Assignment (due tomorrow)

Friday-Read Chapter 1 of Homeless Bird


February 17-21

Monday and Tuesday- No School

Wednesday- 7th grade registration; Question Set 1 (due tomorrow) ; Finish reading Chapter 2
Thursday- Read Homeless Bird chapters 3 and 4;  Start Question Set 2 (due Monday)

Friday- Finish Question Set 2 (due Monday); Read Chapters 5 and 6

February 24-28

Monday- Read Chapter 7; Begin Question Set 3 (1-7 due Tuesday); Read Chapter 8

Tuesday- Read Homeless Bird  9 and part of 10;  Begin Set 4 Questions (due March 3)

Wednesday-Finish Homeless Bird Folder Check Sheet (folders due Tuesday); Go over instructions for SBA-Style Questions

Thursday- Work on sets 3, 4, and 5 Questions (all due in folder check on Tuesday)

Friday- Finish sets 3, 4, and 5 Questions (all due in folder check on Tuesday)

March 2-6

Monday- Homeless Bird Multiple Choice Activity

Tuesday- China Geography

Wednesday- Finish China Geography; Shang Dynasty Preview (due in class)

Thursday-Shang Dynasty decoder activity and reading notes (due Tuesday)

Friday- Finish Shang Dynasty Activity; Shang Processing Assignment (due Tuesday)

March 9-13

Monday- Finish Shang Processing; Buddhism Reading Notes (due Wednesday ) 

Tuesday- Finish Buddhism Reading Notes; Buddhism Video




 September 5-7
 September 5-7