Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies



4th Quarter

Week of April 25

Monday-Outline work time; Finish Textbook Scavenger Hunt

Tuesday-Text Structures Nearpod

Wednesday-Finish Text Structures Nearpod; Text Structures Assignment

Thursday-Resource Practice Assignment

Friday-Title IX Paired Text Assignment

Week of May 2

Monday- Work day to finish last week's assignments and organize for folder check

Tuesday-Folder Check Sheet (folders due Friday); Greek Geography Preview and Begin Reading Notes

Wednesday-Go Over Test Structures; Finish Greek Geography Reading Notes

Thursday-Go over Resource Practice Assignment-- Multiple Choice Activity

Friday- Rise of Democracy Preview and Begin Activity

Week of May 9

Monday- Continue Greek Government Activity and Notes

Tuesday-Math Map Testing 

Wednesday-Athens and Sparta Preview and Videos; Keyboarding Check-In

Thursday-Reading MAP Testing

Friday-Athens and Sparta Reading Notes

Week of May 16

Monday-Finish Athens and Sparta Reading Notes

Tuesday-Athens and Sparta Processing and Activity; Alexander the Great Video

Wednesday-Finish Alexander the Great Video; Ch 19 Preview and Introduce Walking Tour of Athens Activity

Thursday-Walking tour of Athens

Friday-Library Resource Lesson

Week of May 23

Monday-Continue Walking Tour of Athens

Tuesday- Finish Walking Tour; Greek Contributions Preview

Wednesday- Greek Contributions; Folder Check Sheet

Thursday- Finish Greek Contributions; SBA Review Packet

Friday- Finish SBA Review

Week of May 30

Monday- No School

Tuesday-Go over review packet; play review game

Wednesday-SBA: English Day 1

Thursday-SBA: English Day 2

Friday-SBA: Math

Week of June 6

Monday- Geography and Settlement of Rome

Tuesday-Roman Republic

Wednesday- Introduce CBA  (Social Studies Classroom-Based Assessment)

Thursday- CBA Research

Friday- CBA Research

Week of June 13

Monday- Begin CBA final slides

Tuesday- Continue CBA work

Wednesday- CBA Due; Christianity

Thursday- Christianity Continued

Friday- Daily Life In Rome

Week of June 20

Monday-Daily Life in Rome


Wednesday- Last Day of School





















 September 5-7
 September 5-7