Mrs. Howe

6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies


  Week of September 8

Wednesday- Get to know you activities

Thursday- JMS Handbook

Friday- Finish handbook; discuss emergencies; practice evacuation

Week of September 13

Monday- Set up S.S. Folders; go over English and S.S. expectations ( signature due Thursday)

Tuesday- Part one of S.S. Pre- Assessment

Wednesday-Keyboarding Introduction in the Library

Thursday- Part two of S.S. Preassessment; Begin keyboarding lessons with Mrs. Ratliff

Friday- ASB elections; finish any unfinished portions of preassessment

Week of September 20

Monday- Introduce and begin Tech Tasks Part 1: Tech Basics

Tuesday- Continue Tech Tasks Part 1; Instructions for Tech Tasks 2: Write Letter

Wednesday-Keyboarding; Work time for Tech Tasks 2: Letter

Thursday-Tech Tasks Part 3: Editing Tools

Friday- Finish Tech Tasks Part 3; Keyboarding

Week of September 27

Monday- Geography Preview

Tuesday-Instructions for Quality Continents and Oceans Map

Wednesday- SBA Information; Quality Continents and Oceans Map work time; keyboarding

Thursday- SBA Testing for all 6th graders

Friday- Quality Continents and Oceans Map work time; keyboarding

Week of October 4

Monday- Quality Continents and Oceans Map work time

Tuesday-Quality Continents and Oceans Map work time; keyboarding

Wednesday- Finish Map; work on other work

Thursday-Types of Maps Nearpod; Types of Maps Practice Assignment

Friday- No School

Week of October 11

Monday- Character Strong Lesson

Tuesday-Introduce Physical Maps

Wednesday- Physical Map work time (due Tuesday); Keyboarding

Thursday-Physical Map work time 

Friday- Physical Map work time (due Tuesday); Keyboarding

Week of October 18

Monday- Conferences explained; complete conference goal sheet

Tuesday- finish conference goal sheet; introduce and work on Physical Map

Wednesday- Finish Physical Map; keyboarding

Thursday- Introduce Thematic Maps assignment and work on it

Friday- Continue Thematic Maps questions; Keyboarding

Week of October 25

Monday- Folder check sheet; Population Density Nearpod











 September 5-7
 September 5-7